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Common Questions

Why invest ethically?

Ethical investing acknowledges your money has a real-world impact. Most Australians save for retirement through superannuation, so most of us have the power to shape our world through finances.


If you’re investing money for the future, whether for your retirement, your children, to donate, or your ideal lifestyle, it is common sense that your investments should reflect the future you want to live in. By investing in the things you value, such as a healthy environment and community, social justice and sustainable, solution-focused industries, you help to make these a reality.

Should I divest?

Divesting or screening investments is only part of the solution. Most superannuation funds continue to support companies involved in harmful commerce such as tobacco, weapons, fossil fuels, alcohol, gambling, uranium mining, or with humanitarian concerns. Seeking change from these companies is not enough - these companies cannot transform their business models enough to stop the suffering they create, so divestment is needed.

Finding solutions-based companies extends impact. Portfolios in sectors such as medical research, renewable energy, waste management, technology and sustainable food production can magnify the positive impact on your future.

Is ethical investing profitable?

Ethical investing has been shown to generate better returns over most time periods when compared to standard investing. The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) conducts annual research to understand the performance of investments incorporating environmental, social and governance considerations.

The findings show ethical investments have almost always outperformed standard portfolios, and over all time frames. In other words, doing the right thing may also be rewarding.

What savings do I need before seeing an adviser?

There’s no set dollar amount for advice to be worthwhile, it really depends on your personal goals and circumstances. Some people with low balances get enormous value from advice, where others may be better off waiting.


Contact us for help understanding if advice has value for you.

What does an adviser do?

We specialise in ethical investments. We help clients recognise and achieve large life goals. We give advice to improve long-term financial circumstances.

See the 'services' page to understand the sorts of things we help with.

Do you provide online services?

If you are happy to meet online, so are we. You can be based anywhere in Australia.

If you are in Hobart we can meet in person at our Collins Street office, or at one of the great cafes nearby.




Quality financial advice, super and investment management.

Contact us for more information.

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